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YouTube Success: A Marketer’s Ultimate Dream

The internet is a wonderful place for creatives. It’s the perfect ground for unveiling your craft and testing them out. It has also allowed programmers to further hone their websites.

Very few of them, however, really stand the test of time as some skyrocket to momentary fame only to plummet and be completely forgotten a few years later. It’s hard to believe that social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster and Multiply were once the most used websites in the early 2000s.

But there are also those that we have started to rely on so much like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube- that it’s now become nearly impossible to imagine life without them.

In fact, YouTube has become so influential that ⅓ of the world’s internet population is on it- and we bet that you’ve probably watched a video or two on there too.

Little do people know that YouTube is actually the perfect place to market a brand. But what makes it more special than others?

Here are some of the reasons why you should include YouTube in your marketing strategy:

1. People under 50 watch videos on YouTube more than on cable.

This is perfect if your target market falls in the 18-49 age group. Just think of how vast your impact could get if you started making highly shareable videos on the daily like top-earning channels Buzzfeed and Good Mythical Morning.

There’s also the issue of making great content that can go viral. Even though our favorite YouTubers make it look easy, creating shareable content takes days to plan and film – that’s why it’s still best to consult with a video production company if you have no idea on how to start.

2. Hundreds of YouTubers each have more than one million subscribers.

If you would look at some of the most popular YouTube channels, you will notice that most of their videos are viewed more than a million times – all thanks to their loyal subscribers who are notified every time a new video is released.

This notification system will be extremely helpful to your brand as it gives your viewers something to look forward to. Being able to post videos consistently will also create a sense of trust with your customers.

3. Majority of subscribers are heavily influenced by YouTubers on brands.

This is the best reason why you should build an audience on YouTube. 6 out of 10 subscribers say that they have been influenced by their favourite YouTube personalities when it comes to brand support. Many companies seek out the support of these YouTubers by sending them product samples or inviting them for free service trials in exchange for a review or some kind of recommendation.

Since more and more people turn to YouTube for more information on a product or service, why not create a video or series that will feature your company? This will provide great exposure to your brand and help you create a bigger following.

Some people underestimate the power of YouTube over casual viewers, thinking that the website is solely for entertainment only. Brands, however, need to know that there are so many possibilities with using YouTube as your tool for marketing.