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What Product Marketers Can Learn From Apple’s Strategy

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve got to admit that Apple knows a few things about marketing. They’ve convinced generations of people around the world to want to have a music player, phone, tablet, or computer made by them – and video has played a big role in this.

Apart from the sleekness of their products, Apple has used marketing to create the buzz and sizzle around it – so much so that when the iPhone 6s came out, there would be loads of people queuing to buy one, rain or shine!

Let’s have a look at Apple’s video marketing strategy.

Apple has always been known for their interactive, sleek, and eye-catching landing pages. In the case of the iPhone 6s, they put together a landing page that consists of very few words, and a link to view an immersive video that dives into the user interface of the new model. Matching a voice over by Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer, and a hand navigating an “iPhone 6s” screen, the video showcases the enhanced technology Apple has brought to life through this new phone.

iPhone 6s

Not only that, their page also links to short videos focused on each important feature from the app – allowing their customers to experience the newly developed features of the phone. Not to mention “Cookie Monster” and Neil Patrick Harris even made appearances in some of them.

Apple’s landing page and video marketing is simple and direct; it gives people a clear call-to-action to find out more about the new phone. There is no ambiguity or confusion.

Why do they feature video?

Being a current leader in technology, Apple knows that video is the best medium for creating the image of the company and product they want to portray. They understand that video is not only a good way to convey their message, but is also something that their audience is comfortable with.

Learning Video Use from Apple

You’re not selling iPhones, but your business can take simple lessons from Apple on creating landing pages for product launches that help convert leads and click-through’s into sales.

We’ve seen how well-made, targeted videos can help customers:

  • Create “clean” uncluttered landing pages that deliver a clear compelling message.
  • Present calls to action clearly and without any confusion about the “next step.”
  • Layer information – presenting the basics first (at the top) and then going into more detail later on, if necessary.
  • Identify with a product – with video you can show people using your product and this helps to sell it, rather than a static image of a product from a photographic studio.
  • Understand all the features and benefits of the product better – video can educate the customer about what the product can actually do (show, don’t tell).

Apple has proven themselves in their field many times over; following in their video marketing footsteps surely can help any business stand out from their chosen niche.