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What Does Online Video Owe To Steve Jobs?

Did you know that the first version of Apple’s iMovie video editing software was released in 1999? That’s many years before anyone had even heard of YouTube.

Therefore you probably won’t be surprised to read that Steve Jobs has had a major influence on the growth of online video and it’s in that context that we remember him here, with some of the great leaps forward in video that Apple have brought to us.

The iMovie Leap

Of course the original 1999 version of iMovie bears little resemblance to the current one but the very fact that video editing software was released that long ago by Apple tells us a lot. Back then very few people watched online video, let alone made or edited it!

So, right away that sums up the innovative approach that Jobs brought to the consumer tech world – with an awareness of where things were going and the vision of how to get there: a winning combination, if ever there was one!

It was not just that he saw the trend first either; what they developed with iMovie was an editor of high quality that could provide semi-professional touches to an amateur set up; again the iMovie story seems to encapsulate what Steve Jobs and the company have been about – innovation, industry-leading function and design and high quality across the board.

The QuickTime Leap

Let’s not forget QuickTime which is still going strong on desktops today and has helped promote the growth of online video in more ways than one; early online video used to be tiny thumbnail sizes, but QuickTime helped to provide the full screen, higher definition videos we know and love today.

The iPhone Leap

The iPhone burst on to the market in 2007 and now everyone’s an amateur video-maker! So the influence here is easy to see.

Whilst YouTube popularised the viewing of online video, the iPhone has popularized the making of quality online video.

It’s now possible to sit with a client and instantly shoot a testimonial video from your phone, upload to iMovie, edit and include some text and transitions and tidy it up a little, then get it live on YouTube or your website within hours.

Before the iPhone this was a potentially laborious process and involved a cam-corder or other specific recording device.

With the iPhone everyone suddenly had an easy-to-use video camera in their pocket.

The iTunes Leap

Of course many people bought their iPhones not to make video but to access the many thousands of movies and shows in the iTunes store.

The iTunes set up paved the way for a new type of online media store that was, again, ground-breaking.

The Final Cut Pro Leap

For professional video editors Final Cut Pro has led the way for a while and has had a big influence; even people with little more than a passing interest in editing online video could get to grips with these tools and have a video production studio right there in their own home.

I’m sure by now you’re getting the message of the profound influence Steve Jobs had on creating, fine-tuning, watching and distributing online video.

Even if all the ideas weren’t entirely his own (and this is sometimes leveled at him) he took others’ ideas and made them better.

As a professional video production business, Video Labs recognises the debt of gratitude owed to Apple and Steve Jobs for helping to bring the medium into mainstream consciousness and opening up so many new opportunities.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other favourite Steve Jobs “moments” or creations.