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Video Production? I Don’t Have Time…
Don’t Blame Video Production – Blame Your Videos!

Video Production Tips for Keeping Your Content Fresh

We’ve all hit mental blocks about what to write about on our websites or blogs; it is the same with video production and keeping the content fresh and compelling for your audience can be a challenge.

The current trend is for businesses to make a series of videos and run a video channel rather than the ‘set and forget’ one video on the website, which may look good for a month or two but afterwards begins to bore your visitors.

Monthly videos can be engaging and keep them coming back for more or they can bore your audience to tears so they’ll never watch another video you make.

The key is the quality of the content in the video. So here are some ideas for keeping it interesting:

Brainstorm with your People

Most businesses have people who can generate great ideas; just because they are an accountant doesn’t mean they can’t have great ideas for video marketing – have you asked them?

Involve your people in the process to come up with ideas – you are guaranteed to get some usable content ideas merely by speaking to the people who know your business and your customers best – that’s your own team members.

They can also give you honest feedback on your own ideas, before you waste time putting them into production!

What Does Your Audience Want?

Content that is relevant, up to date and answers the questions going through your audience’s minds will never be boring. Find out what has worked best in the past – which videos have the best viewing statistics? Then replicate that style with some new content. The numbers don’t usually lie. This can help you hone your videos to what your market wants and not waste anybody’s time focusing on things they really don’t care about.

Schedule Your Video Releases

Let your viewers know when new videos will be released. It looks professional, organised and your viewers will appreciate being kept in the loop. It will also help you to plan release of specific content.

For example, you might want to time a particular video to be released when a complementary product is released by a business partner.

Squeeze the Content

You should squeeze every last drop of juice out of the content you come up with. After you have made a few videos and captured a good number of followers  it might be interesting to have a behind-the-scenes look at how you work; you might want to include out-takes or funny snippets from people in your business, for example.

Keeping it fresh will encourage your viewers to check your channel more often and this will promote a larger group of interested followers; remember the more your content is enjoyed and shared around the more you are seen as the authority or leading light in your field – which can only be good for business!