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Raising The Impact Of Your Marketing Videos With The Help Of A Pro Videographer – Brisbane Experts Reveal How

Gold Coast Businesses Discover The Many Benefits Of Video Marketing

Would you rather read this or watch this?

While it’s true that the top ranking websites found on the first page of search engine results tend to have longer and more engaging articles than low ranking websites, this does not necessarily mean that you would not choose the video version of any content over the written version.

It has long been known that people, i.e., consumers, process information better and faster when it is visual. In today’s online marketing environment, that means video content. And this is where you’ll need the expertise of professional video production. Gold Coast businesses should consider the following statistics:

  • A Forbes report reveals that 57 percent of executives would rather watch video than go through text.
  • Internet marketing pioneer, Implix, reports that introductory emails with video get more click-through rates by 96 percent.
  • Mist Media shares that users spend 88 percent more time on a website that features videos.
    An Australian real estate group has revealed that it has received 403 percent more enquiries on listings that had videos.
  • Social Media News Australia reports that 12 million Australians have visited YouTube in a single month.
  • According to Forrester Research, getting a page one listing on Google increases 53 times with video.

Clearly, video marketing can pull a great deal of influence over your consumers — enough to see lucrative results. Not only will you be able to entice more enquiries, more sales, and more traffic to your website, but you will also be able to do it in a succinct manner. Consider that a single minute of your video is equivalent to 1.8 million words, this according to Forrester Research.

Indeed, that is quite a lot of time and effort saved, not to mention resources streamlined, because instead of hiring five or 10 copywriters and Web marketers, you can hire a small marketing team that does video production.  Sydney is home to online video experts that help businesses like yours achieve favourable results — from increased traffic to higher sales.

With the right video marketing campaign, your business can communicate its brand and its pitch effectively. You can also reach an international audience, giving your startup or small-scale business wider reach without the heavy cost. So you can compete with the big boys and not have to spend a great deal of money doing it.

From video newsletters to video testimonials, video marketing has the power to give your business the boost it needs. Look into it today. And whatever you need to say about your brand, let your consumers watch it and not read it.