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Videos Can Convert Website Visitors Into Sales (Even If They Don’t Watch Your Videos!)

Creating an Identity For Your Brisbane Business with Video Production

Remember those dark days before video production came along?

Your Brisbane business probably struggled to be seen in the huge ocean of businesses competing in a similar market.

Maybe you had a website that helped to differentiate you, but building a true identity and getting the message and essence of what you stand for was pretty difficult, without using a professional marketing firm and paying top dollar for it.

Think of it as a unique fingerprint that identifies your business.

Brand or Identity?

We hear a lot about “brand” these days; building a successful “brand” usually takes a long time and is only within reach of larger organisations that have the financial muscle to bring in big dollars into it; aiming to be Apple or Google is clearly ridiculous for most Brisbane businesses.

But aiming big and building an identity that sums up what you stand for is open to all businesses with an online presence these days – and video is the key.

Write Down 3 Keywords.

What’s the real essence of your business? What do you stand for? What picture do you want to create in the minds of your target audience, when they say your business name?

Write down three words that sum up why people would buy from you.

This is a great place to start for planning your video production. Many businesses make the mistake of making their message too long-winded and this can be confusing; confused customers have no reason to trust your business.

Packaging those Words into a Video

Three words that sum up your business can be “packaged” into a compelling, high-impact 90 or 120 second message by a skilled video production expert. You don’t need to make it long and it doesn’t need to be complicated; in fact the shorter and simpler it is the better, providing you get your message across clearly.

If you blow your competitors out of the water because of your customer service, then how do we visualise that? If you make their lives easier in some way, then that needs to be in the video? If it’s a cost-saving benefit for the customer, then how can video portray that benefit?

Video has opened this possibility up for every Brisbane business out there; you can look and sound a million dollars even if you’re just starting out!

Are you taking advantage of the great opportunity that affordable online video production has brought to your world?