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Video Production? I Don’t Have Time…

One of the misconceptions about video production among Brisbane business owners, is that it will eat too much into their valuable time.

This may be the case with some of the video production companies who don’t really know what they’re doing, but it certainly shouldn’t be like that if you use an experienced company that understands business and how to get the most out of people in the shortest space of time.

You Can’t Afford NOT to Put Some Time to Video

Your competitors are doing it; if they’re not, then they will be. So you can’t afford NOT to put some thinking time to a video production and marketing strategy.

Making videos is a way for businesses to keep in touch with their market – and if you can’t spare the time to do that, then something’s wrong; with no market there are no sales.

The truth is that the businesses that buy from you are run by people who watch videos every day – they are used to it, they are comfortable with it and it will help them make informed decisions. So you need to be able to connect with your potential and current buyers through video.

It deserves your time and, in return, the rewards will greatly outweigh your investment of money and time. You will raise your credibility and authority in your field, remain in regular contact with your customers, increase awareness of your business and generate leads and provide a platform for your customers to share your content around their contacts and widen your influence.

All of this can be achieved by a targeted program of regular video production, with minimal impact on your time.

So How Much of your Time is Needed?

Any video production company worth its salt should understand the importance of not wasting a business owners’ time. Your time will be required but only when absolutely necessary.

You will need to put in some time upfront for discussing the scope of your project, your  vision for the company and what you hope to achieve from incorporating video into your marketing strategy.

You will need to be the guiding hand, but the “nuts and bolts” of the actual video making should be handled by your production company – that involves scriptwriting, pre-production and planning, location choice, sound, lighting and shooting, then editing and distribution.

So, depending on the size of your project, your time input could be quite minimal.

Not having time is no longer an excuse not to get started with your video production marketing, because it’s like saying “I don’t have time to demonstrate my authority, how good my business is, to speak to my customers or generate leads.” There can’t be a business leader alive who can’t make time for these things surely?