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Video Marketing Is Less Harry Potter & More Chris Gardner

If you’re looking towards Hollywood for inspiration for your video marketing strategy then watch Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happyness rather than Harry Potter.

Let me explain.

Pursuit of Happyness

In Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner has a dream to make and sell “bone density scanners” and he loses a lot of money in investments in them. His wife leaves him, he loses his house, his bank account and credit cards ~ he ends up living on the street with his young son, but fortune throws up the chance to take an internship as a stockbroker. In the end his hard work pays dividends and he gets offered a position and finally ends up running his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm.

Harry Potter

We all know what happens in Harry Potter – magic!

That’s great when we need to relax with our kids with a few Sunday evening laughs, but not so great when we are working out what to do with our business!

The Two Types of Approach

The above examples quite neatly reflect the two types of people we have in the world: the ones who consistently strive for their goals with integrity and hard work; and those who believe in the fantasy of the “magic code” bringing them all the riches they deserve.

As a business owner, which one are you?

Are you prepared to work for it, set your vision and mission, constantly improve yourself and work towards it every day? Or have you just invested in a magic wand, pill or key that is going to bring it to your door?

We want to work with the Chris Gardners amongst you, not the Harry Potters!

The Video Labs Take

When I was working for Yellow Pages, prior to running Video Labs, I met around 800 business owners from sole traders up to large corporates.

I noticed then that there were two basic types of business owner – the realist and the fantasist; those who seemed 100% committed every day and strove to achieve the targets they set themselves, growing their knowledge and skills slowly over time; and those who were convinced they’d found the next quick money-making scheme….you see it in online marketing nowadays with “get rich quick” promises.

Guess which ones are still in business today?

When I created Video Labs, I took the lessons I learnt from this and was determined to create a sustainable business model built on a firm foundation of reality – but with ample room for creativity and dynamism.

It’s never been about “trickery” or magic wands; we don’t tell clients that their videos will take their business to El Dorado; it doesn’t exist.

But we do know that video is the most powerful tool our customers have to grow their business and we delight in helping them to do the work needed to get there.

Consistently working smartly and with integrity: that’s what we live here at Video Labs – and that’s what we recommend for our clients; we show them how to do that through a great video marketing strategy that brings results.