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Video Case Study – Porsche 911

In June of 2012, Susan Butler, Dealer Principal of Porsche Centre Gold Coast was in the process of organising a star-studded event in lieu to the impending launch of the 2012 series of their sports car – the Porsche 911. The event was to be held in MovieWorld with Hollywood stunt drivers, which was intended to be spectacular and huge enough that it would have been such a waste of time and effort not to capture it on film and showcase to their customers and target audience.

Prior the event, Susan spent a lot of time on the internet looking for the perfect video company who they’d feel comfortable enough would be able to deliver the kind of quality, look, and feel that they deem would be best fit toward their vision. Coming across the Video Labs website, they instantly felt that they finally found the right Gold Coast Video Production company.

I looked at Michael’s work and it just automatically seemed like the right fit – the quality, just the whole feel – it’s very unique, very artistic, very exclusive, and i felt that that was such a great fit with our brand…” ~ says Susan of Porsche Centre Gold Coast.

Video Labs sent off a 2-man crew to film the 911 Sportscar Launch Event, geared up with high-end cinematic lights and cameras such as the Canon EOS C100 and 5D Mark III.

Present in that event were Porsche Centre Gold Coast’s top clients to critique and marvel the new sportscar edition. Guest actors were also present at the time portraying famous Hollywood characters such as Marilyn Monroe and Austin Powers who in their film roles have exuded elegance and beauty at its finest which were perfectly in line with the Porsche 911.

Susan and the rest of the Porsche team were ultimately pleased and impressed with the outcome of the final product which was then used as an introduction video at the front page of their website, as well as a distribution material towards their target and current clients alike.

According to Susan ~ “I would recommend Michael to other businesses. Obviously the work speaks for itself, but Michael has an intrinsic ability to understand the client. You can almost talk in shorthand to him. He researches the business before he comes to you, understands what the business is about. I think apart from the end product which of course speaks for itself, the actual process, the communication – all of those things have made it so easy to work with Michael.


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