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Using How-To Videos to Turbo-Boost Your Business

Those of you running small businesses that are edging quietly along without really setting any field ablaze, might want to look at how-to videos as a means of turbo-boosting your online presence, visitor numbers and the all-important sales from your web site. Here’s why:

How-To Videos: One for Every Type of Business

One of the great things about How-To videos is that almost any business can use them. If you’re a small plumbing business you can show or tell how to mend a simple tap leak in 2 minutes; if you’re an accountant you can show tips on how to fill in a particular tax form; if you sell candy then you can show how you might choose particular candy for gifts and how to present it so it looks great.

Whether your business is centered around a product or a service there is a need to gain credibility and a reputation that you know what you’re talking about!

Trust, Credibility and Authority

It is especially critical for online businesses to come across as credible, reputable, trustworthy and authoritative, because we all know about the fly-by-nights that operate in the shadows of the Internet and run scams.

Being scammed is any consumer’s worst fear of doing business on the web, so if you can allay that fear you are going a long way to setting your business up as a trusted authority in your given field.

With a short series of how-to videos you can look your potential customers in the eye, show them that you are real and can be trusted, have a legitimate business, that you are there to help them and that you do, indeed, know what you’re talking about. In fact, more than that, you help to set yourself up as the go-to people for your area, the market leaders in the field.

Now – how much is that worth to your business?

…And Don’t Forget the Side Benefits

There are, of course, quite a few side benefits too.

Search engines love how-to videos so if you build them around some of your keywords and make sure that the titles, tags and descriptions are optimised you can expect your videos to quickly be showing high up in the search results from Google and the rest. That helps to drive more traffic to your web site.

How-to videos are also multi-purpose and aid your video marketing efforts on several fronts. They can be uploaded not only to your web site but also to the free video-hosting providers like YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion as well as your social media sites.

If this has whetted your appetite to know more about how online video marketing can help you gain or extend your credibility and authority in your market, Michael Hanson at VideoLabs ( will be happy to help you work out a sound strategy tailored to your business.