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The Importance of Sound in Corporate Video Production

A big part of pulling together an epic Hollywood blockbuster film is sound design. Producers spend big bucks hiring the best sound mixers and editors to make this happen… for instance, have a look at Godzilla, Star Wars, and Pearl Harbor; these movies wouldn’t have been as impactful to the audience as it has been if we were to take away the masterful sound mixing done towards them.

In making corporate videos, while production budgets aren’t as huge, sound design is still a key factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Film is considered a visual medium, however all it takes is a click of the mute button to prove exactly how much they depend on sound to convey emotion and the message of the story. So how can you raise the bar with sound design on your corporate film? Here are a few things you can consider:

  1. Use natural sound elements to your film’s advantage.

  2. Regardless where you may be filming, make sure to be critical of all the elements that can potentially add value to your film. Simple things such as birds chirping, a revving motorcycle, the whirring of a chainsaw… while these may seem unimportant, you should always have the edit in mind while on set. Used and timed properly during the edit, these elements can surely add great value to your film. Here’s an example of a corporate video we made for an Arborist in Brisbane.

  3. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for potential bad audio.

  4. There may be construction work just across the street, a distinct echo, or a heavy-buzzing AC in the room where you’re set to film; these are the types of sound that cannot be rectified in post production so make sure you’re aware of them. A thunderstorm can also affect production especially when filming interviews which is why it is also critically important to check on the weather forecast before scheduling your filming days.

  5. Simulate reality through effective use of sound effects.

  6. Often times, the sound effects that are heard in films weren’t recorded in real-time production. Things such as police sirens, car horns, and gunshots are recreated and added during post by sound engineers. With massive sound libraries to sift through, this can be a painful process yet can be a very fulfilling one as sound effects can set the bar of your film to a whole new level. Here’s a film that we did for Strike Group Australia where we used sound effects to our advantage: