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Should You Outsource Corporate Video Production?

Corporate videos are becoming the lifeblood of online marketing for many companies these days. A quick glance at YouTube and Facebook would instantly show you how players – big or small – are taking advantage of the power of video. A few notable names in the market right now are Apple, Dove, and Google – these players have been doing really well not only with video but also in their ability to harness the power of great storytelling.

If you’re a company looking to start building or enhancing your online presence, video should be at the top of your list. One of the first questions you may have probably would be whether to produce it in-house or get the work outsourced to a professional corporate video production service company. Doing any of the two has their own benefits and downfalls. Today, we list out the pros and cons of outsourcing video production for you:


  • A company offering professional video production services have both the experience and resources to ensure that you come together with high-quality video production which will bring a good impact to your brand;
  • Video production companies are able to provide an unbiased point of view of your company which will serve you better in terms of crafting and delivering an effective message;
  • You get access to professional talent (editors, voice over artists, colourists, etc);
  • You also get access to professional video production equipment. While it may be enticing and exciting for your company  to consider purchasing your own, it wouldn’t be so cost-efficient considering that time and money you will have to invest solely for that purpose;
  • It frees up your in-house staff from becoming unproductive due to messing around with video production duties.


  • Often more expensive on a per video cost, which is why it’s more reasonable to produce multiple videos within one project since video production companies are often able to trim down costs as it saves them time while you save money;
  • Clearer and more communication is needed to refine details to get to the outcome that you want, which is why it’s crucial that your video production services provider established processes when it comes to structuring your brief and expectations;
  • Competing for time with other clients. If your video production company is working on multiple projects at a time, the reality is that it may take longer to get changes done to your video should there be any. However it does come as a consolation to know that if your video guys are that busy and in-demand, they should know what they’re doing.
  • The video production company will be less knowledgeable about your brand; while this one holds true, it goes to follow that they having a consultative approach towards your project should be a must in order for them to have a good understanding of your brand, the message and the voice you want to communicate with your audience.