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Putting the Youth at the Forefront of Your Marketing Strategy

The youth of today are not like the youth of past generations. The relationships that we have with different age groups are getting more complicated as technological advances create complex webs of connections.

Take today’s teens for example- they are more attuned with what’s happening in different parts of the world compared to teens from past generations- making them more aware of global trends and allows them to take part in the conversation.

Teens now have more power than we imagine. In fact, they influence their parents into using new technology which is the complete opposite of what had happened in the past.

It’s undeniable how teens these days have become so influential in the way global trends are shaped. But as marketers, why should we put more emphasis on this specific age group and how should we do it?

Unlike millennials, teens didn’t have to go through the awkward transitional stage of having to learn how the internet worked- they were born into it which makes them natural tech trekkers. This is also the reason why people from older generations look to them for advice on recent technology.

As a marketer, take advantage of this knowledge by creating ads that would catch the attention of this specific population. One thing that teens like is a sense of involvement and personalisation- and Coca- Cola made sure to give them just that.

With their “Share a Coke” campaign wherein they printed 250 of the most popular names among teens and allowed people to personalise their bottles with their own names, Coca-Cola’s sales increased up to 2% after their campaign launch.

Though it may seem like a pretty straight-forward thought, marketing to teens is not easy. Being more aware with trends and having a clearer grasp of value thanks to the internet, teens tend to be more conscious of which brand to support and what product or service to avail. They were born into the age where trends die as new ones take over.

What does this mean for a brand?

Basically, it’s much harder to promote brand loyalty among this group since they tend to be loyal to the best product or service at the moment, rather than the brand itself. They’re aware of how trends come and go. However, it shouldn’t stop you from including them in your strategy.

Why? In just a few years, they will be one of your major target audience which is why it’s best to keep them in check for your long-term marketing plans.