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How To Put Together A Video Production Strategy – By IKEA!

Is online video production the ultimate branding tool?

Looking at how the Swedish furniture giant IKEA have used it, it would appear to be; and it can be a lesson for all businesses looking to put a video strategy together any time soon.

Easy to Assemble!

IKEA is in the process of producing their fourth series of their “Easy to Assemble” (“ETA”) web production; it is a light-hearted look at the fortunes of a Hollywood actress when she goes to work for IKEA in southern California, expecting life to return to normal, but finding that things don’t quite turn out that way!

It has been very successful since it started in 2008; some famous actors like Keanu Reeves and Jeff Goldblum have appeared in the series and it has won many awards.

Branding Success

Easy to Assemble is one of the most-watched branded entertainment web series ever and has produced a great ROI for IKEA.

The success of the series has helped cement the IKEA brand in the hearts of minds of many existing and new followers of the company, as it gets shared around social media sites and talked about by its fans; it has created exposure to a whole new population of potential furniture buyers -which is practically everyone over the age of about 16 with their own room.

Of course it involves a sizable investment; but IKEA has taken its place as a company using emerging Internet-based technologies in their business to great effect.

What Can We Learn?

Not many businesses have the huge resources of IKEA at their disposal, but Easy to Assemble was made on a comparatively low budget considering the size of the organisation.

It shows us that we can get more imaginative with how we use online video for our branding and that, sometimes, not taking ourselves too seriously can help us connect to our audience simply by entertaining them.

It’s also interesting to note that IKEA approaches their video production strategy as an ongoing series of videos rather than a one video deal. So far, 42 episodes have been produced, plus videos in other areas of their business for other information-providing purposes.

Many businesses in Australia make the mistake of creating a few corporate videos and thinking the job is “done and dusted.”

A good video production strategy will include an ongoing commitment to a series of videos with different purposes – marketing, testimonials, FAQs, How-tos and so on. It’s all about having targeted goals and then using video to reach each of these goals.

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