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Creating an Identity For Your Brisbane Business with Video Production

Remember those dark days before video production came along? Your Brisbane business probably struggled to be seen in the huge ocean of businesses competing in a […]

Brand Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Nokia’s Failure

Nokia was once a great mobile phone “empire” whose products many generations have grown up with. You may have caught the buzz around their recent acquisition […]

4 Things To Consider For Your Upcoming Corporate or Commercial Video Shoot

Your video strategy has been fully mapped out. You think to yourself – “it’s about time!”. Now, you’re on your way to creating a corporate video […]

How Google Gets Your Videos In Front of the Right Audience

Google gives online video marketing a boost by its addition of online video advertising campaigns on the Adwords platform. Video advertising helps you connect with your […]

Excellent Tips from Game of Thrones on Winning the Marketing Battlefield

Game of Thrones season 6 has just ended and yet we feel the next one can’t come soon enough- the series has got us on a […]

How Hollywood and TV Can Inspire Your Video Marketing Strategy

Hollywood is, at its core, the center of global entertainment. It always gives us something to follow and look forward to. And while corporate videos may […]

What Product Marketers Can Learn From Apple’s Strategy

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve got to admit that Apple knows a few things about marketing. They’ve convinced generations of people around the world to […]

The Importance of Music Licensing and How It Works

Music breathes life to video production – without it, the experience just isn’t the same. Playing music out on videos may seem like an instinctive thought, […]

Buyer’s Journey: Essential Tips on Using Video To Attract More Customers

People may not be aware of it but as consumers, we all go through a process called “Buyer’s Journey”. It’s important for marketers to know why […]

How To Find a Video Production Company That Will Drive Your Results

Whether you’re an online or a brick and mortar kind of business, Google expects just as much from you – you need to have online visibility. […]
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