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Online Video Production: How To NOT Lose Your Audience In The First 10 Seconds

As online video production becomes more widespread in the business community it becomes more important to differentiate yours from the next.

How do you make video so that your viewer doesn’t click pause or move on to the next one?

Attention Spans

In 2010 Visible Measures did a study that found that online videos lost 20% of their viewers in the first 10 seconds and 60% of viewers by the 2-minute mark.

Viewing habits haven’t changed much – if anything attention spans may have become shorter as there is more to choose from now than a couple of years ago.

This immediately provides some important information, and potential lessons, for the budding video maker:

  • If you don’t want to waste people’s time, title your video correctly
  • Grab their attention within the first few seconds with a punchy opening line or “hook”
  • Make your video “talk” to your audience – or they will go elsewhere
  • Unless you have a very good reason, keep your video as short as possible – usually 2 to 3 minutes is best – nobody may be watching at the 15 minute mark!

Talking To Your Audience

Engaging with your viewer means first defining who the viewer is.

You need to be well aware of who your ideal customer is –what they like doing, the type of language they talk in, how old they are, where they live, what motivates and inspires them and so on.

Time should go into considering these questions as the foundation of all the marketing you do for your business – because without knowing this, you won’t be able to construct a message in video or any other media that hits the right spots.

Learning to talk directly to your audience in a way that will inform, entertain and/or motivate then into taking the desired action will separate your videos from the rest and make it more likely they will keep watching until the end.

The Attention Grabber

To have any hope of your viewers absorbing your story and your marketing message you need to first grab and hold their attention. This means constructing a script that starts with a strong headline statement – perhaps a question or a bold statement that relates to their biggest frustration or concern.

You will get better at knowing what works for your audience and what doesn’t –you can even survey your audience and find which videos they liked the best; you should also monitor which videos get the most views, how long people watch for and when they move on.

Professional Brisbane Video Production

Producing professional videos that hold attention is possible without huge investment in equipment, but most businesses don’t have the know-how or the time to learn how.

A professional video production company will take time to learn what your message is and who your audience is, then help you talk to them in a compelling and engaging way that keeps them watching.

This takes knowledge of pre-production techniques, shooting video with quality sound and lighting, as well as editing, adding text and distributing the video to where it needs to be. Contact for further information on all of this.