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6 DIY Video Marketing Tips
10 Ways To Make Your Online Video Relevant & Interesting

Nice Online Video, Shame About the Sales Figures!

Small business owners take note!

It doesn’t matter how fancy the video equipment is that is used to shoot your video, nor how qualified the video-maker is or how great the finished article looks, unless it achieves its main goal of selling your business better!

Having a great video on your web site that is well directed, colourful and entertaining, but that doesn’t actually help to sell your business, is a bit like having an attractive, bright business card without your name and contact details on it! It’s not actually serving much purpose!

Yes, you can hire the best local photographer or video-maker with the best equipment, to capture your best “side” in the video, and the end product can be a very clean and edited video; but ask yourself the following questions:

Once the video’s up there on your site is it adding value to your customer experience or is it just a nice piece of “eye candy”?

Is it well scripted in the first place?

Do you have a Call to Action?

How are you getting it to “work” for you?

Is the video optimised for Google?

Is it helping your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts?

Is it driving traffic to your site and therefore generating good leads for you and increasing sales?

Are you measuring the success of your video?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions then you need to think about upping your video marketing game; purely using good video-makers or great photographers who have turned to making online videos because they have a good command of the equipment and editing software, will only get you so far.

You need professionals who have a real understanding of how to create a video that enhances your customer’s experience and will actually work for you by driving new customers to your site again and again.

Online video marketing is more than shooting a great looking video. It’s about knowing what to do with it and how to maximize its potential on all fronts!

The YouTube phenomenon has shown the potential of video to every small business and now people expect to see video on your site; but if you’re just thinking about computers and web sites then you are behind the eight ball.

iPhones, Androids and tablets now mean that your videos can be viewed on multiple devices and the explosion of social media marketing means that your videos should be viewed in multiple locations – that’s what I mean about getting them “working” for you.

This way your initial investments in creating the videos are spread over several marketing campaigns and you are getting more bang for your buck! Most importantly, your videos are viewed on many platforms and you get more exposure… which means more leads…which means more sales…which means more profit.

We have just scratched the surface of online video marketing here. If you’d like some initial pointers on how it can help your business increase sales then feel free to contact Michael at or call 0447  610 823