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Mobile Video Production – Marketing to People’s Pockets

As smartphone usage spirals, mobile video production comes sharper into focus for businesses planning their video marketing campaigns.

If you take a look around you’ll see that Australian smartphone usage is one of the highest in the world – iPhones and Androids everywhere you look, not to mention the growing number of tablets.

Everyone is going mobile and that affects your organisation’s approach to video production.

After all, marketing is all about getting to as many people as possible – and when their habits change, you must also change. You need to market to people’s pockets!

Mobile Video Apps

One of the main “fuels” for the growing importance of mobile video is the number of high quality video apps that have been developed, allowing novices to make good-looking videos from their phone.

Apps like Instagram and Viddy enable iPhone and Android users to record, edit, publish and share videos that were only possible with sleek hand-held cameras just a few short years ago.

These apps are geared towards very short video “clips” or “micro videos” with a limit of 15 seconds, in the case of Viddy; consider it the “Twitter” micro-blog of online video!

They almost all have templates, filters and other customisation tools that create the feel you want for your video.

Once your video is done you usually get options for sharing and distribution of your video via your chosen social media sites.

The Changing Video Landscape

These mobile video apps may be more designed for mum, dad, the two kids and Bouncer the dog…but they are also a potential game-changer for business.

The marriage between phones and video is already blooming but this cements it; if your videos can’t be viewed on an iPhone or Android in the near future, then you have a big problem for your marketing; you are effectively blindfolding your audience.

Another effect is that micro-videos will again shorten attention spans, given that most of these videos are 15 seconds or less. It will be harder and harder to maintain attention for a few minutes after viewers get used to these micro clips.

Any Questions?

Right now the matter of mobile video is probably sparking quite a few questions; like how it’s done and how much it will cost, for starters.

The fragmentation of the mobile market does present technical issues and will also prompt the following questions:

What’s the right strategy to reach as many different devices as possible?

How many variations of your video does this involve?

Which platforms will get your video in from of the most pairs of eyes?

If you have questions like these, about preparing your business for mobile video production, then contact Michael at Video Labs on 0447 610 823.