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Is Your Online Video Being Friendly?

Are your online video productions making enemies of all the smartphone users around Australia?

Ok, “enemies” may be a bit of a harsh way of putting it, but if your web videos are not smartphone-friendly then they’re certainly not going down very well with the growing legions of Aussie smartphone users out there.

A Few Facts and Figures About Smartphones

A recent study by Google and Ipsos shows worldwide Smartphone usage rocketing and Australia helping to lead the way. It was found that:

  • An estimated 37% of Australians own a smartphone, second only to Singapore.
  • Projected Smartphone usage in Australia is set to hit 50% by the end of 2011.
  • 81% of smartphone owners used their handset at home; 66% when on the move.
  • 75% of smartphone owners access a search engine, while 71% browse the web and 31% stream video content.

What Does This Mean for Websites and Online Video Marketing?

With smartphone usage in Australia set to continue to sky-rocket, it definitely means that you have to take it into account when optimising your web site and when making your videos. Most Australian sites are currently not optimised for viewing on smartphones and this will need to be addressed.

When it comes to your online video marketing, if more and more Australians are going to be watching video on mobile devices – with tablet uptake increasing as well as smartphone usage – then optimising video for these devices is essential.

Why limit your exposure? We should all know by now that eking every last drop of juice from the videos you make stretches the value of your online video marketing and can make the difference between success and failure.

Tips for Optimising Video for Smartphones

With the smaller viewing screens on smartphones, for starters this means that any text needs to be as large as possible. There’s no point having a URL displayed or a call to action that involves an email address or phone number, none of which is visible on the phone.

Another thing to bear in mind is the attention spans of mobile video viewers – very short! So, keeping your smartphone videos short and to the point is even more important then normal.

Pay special attention to lighting and audio levels with smartphone video too. Make sure you can be seen and heard – meaning lighting levels are sufficient and audio well captured and set at a high enough level.

These are just a few basic pointers for making your video smartphone-friendly. Watch this space for more tips in the future.

As network capacities increase and people get used to video production aimed partly (or wholly) at the smartphone market, demand will increase.

Right now online video is largely made for viewing on PCs and notebooks, with the cross-over to portable handsets and tablets just beginning, but soon it will be the norm, so you need to start thinking now about how to adjust your content, if you don’t want to be invisible to a large potential audience.

Wherever you are in Australia If you need advice with your online video production then call Michael at Video Labs on 07 5534 9523. He is based in the Gold Coast but produces videos all round the country.