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“People Only Watch Web Video For Music, TV Programs & Movies”
“Online Video Production?! Where Would I Start?”

Is Online Video More Important Than A Website For Your Business?

For a Brisbane business trying to make an impact online the temptation might be to start with a company website but is online video production hosted on your own YouTube channel even more important these days?

Just because it’s always been done doesn’t mean it’s right…times change!

The Traditional Starting Point

The online times are certainly changing and the website has always been the traditional starting point – but in truth, many times a business website is built and it just sits there doing nothing for a year or two.

Unless a lot of time and effort goes into the SEO, targeting keywords, regular content and article publishing, then it may never attract any attention in the search engines and never get much interest from the people that count – customers!

The Difference with Online Video

Nowadays STARTING OUT with an online video production strategy may make more sense than adding it on after building a website.

You can say everything you say on a website in a video.

But more than that. Video also:

  • Grabs and holds attention better than text and images
  • Creates interest in you and your products and services
  • Helps with SEO and features heavily in search results nowadays
  • Is created once and can be used many times over in multiple locations and formats
  • Allows you to look your customers in the eye and show you are real – adding credibility to your business
  • Positions you as an expert in your field
  • Allows you to pre-empt customer questions and objections
  • Allows you to show that you empathise with the customer’s concerns and problems
  • Allows you to present a clear solution to these problems
  • Converts leads into sales

All the above benefits come with a well-scripted, well-planned, well-produced and well-distributed video.

Can you say that a website achieves all of this?

YouTube Channels

Of course many people add video to their website; but we are asking whether a business might start by creating their YouTube channel and getting video uploaded and trying to market that.

That’s certainly possible but most YouTube business video is intended to get viewers clicking through to the sales page of a website rather than trying to sell anything directly.

The Call to Action on the video is normally to visit a URL: this also applies to most marketing videos on the other video hosting channels like Vimeo, Viddler etc.

Conclusion: Video and Website Go Together Like Peaches and Cream!

The conclusion we would make is that both are important to your business and they fit together well. All of the advantages of video for sales and marketing need some “back-end” website procedures for opting-in to deals, signing up for memberships or buying products or services.

So a Brisbane business designing its online marketing strategy needs to consider video production as an integral part of it, not as a nice “add on”.

Video has become THE medium of choice for big business and these trends always filter down through the online and offline economy.