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First Impressions – Use Video Production to Make Them Count

First impressions do count in business and you can use video production to make sure you create the right one.

We are Video labs – so we like to take a scientific approach to video-making.

What does the science say about first impressions?

In The Labs

Studies have found that even after a tenth of a second, people have sufficient time to make a judgment from a facial appearance; additional exposure time will increase judgments but they are anchored already on the initial impression created.

These judgments will be on key traits like as trustworthiness and competence as well as attractiveness and likability.

What Does this mean for your Video Production?

It doesn’t mean you need to go out and hire Scarlett Johansson or Brad Pitt to introduce your videos, but it does mean that the intro to your video is very important;  it also suggests that you need to demonstrate your relevance to your audience, your expertise and your credibility very early on in the piece.

Otherwise, quite simply, people will click away because they don’t believe you, they don’t think you will follow through on what you’re saying, you’re not interesting enough to hold their attention or they perceive there’s nothing in it for the them (you’re not relevant to what they’re looking for.)

It Doesn’t Change the Basics of Good Video Production

In actual fact the science of first impressions doesn’t really change the overall approach we have been recommending for a while for business video production, which is:

  • Understand your audience and create relevant content for them
  • Inform and educate to demonstrate expertise and authority
  • Keep it short, interesting and high quality to grab their attention
  • Distribute it as widely as possible

However, you may like to pay special attention to the opening of your videos – that means the Intro (often a short piece of music or a “jingle”) and the first words you speak must be attention grabbing and speak directly to the viewer.

You don’t have long – remember first impressions are created in less than a second and it’s hard to turn them around once they are formed; work on your demeanor on camera, smile as you are speaking and be genuine – and get a good scriptwriter who understands your audience and can help you communicate well with them.

Following the above in your business video production strategy should ensure that viewers like what they see in the opening seconds of your video and will stay tuned to watch the rest.