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How to Use Music in Your Online Video Marketing

In the editing stages of making your online video you have the option of adding music but make sure it doesn’t come back to bite you…or at least give you a nasty “nibble”.

What we’re talking about is keeping the music you use in your online video marketing both tasteful and legal.

You want it to set the mood and be appealing to the audience, but not to drown out the message and you certainly don’t want it costing you legal fees. Here’s a few tips how to avoid the common problems people face.

Permissions, Copyrights & Royalty-Free Music*

Some web video editing software like iMovies includes royalty-free music that you can add to your video without concern for legalities.

Normally music will be copyrighted and it’s particularly complicated because there are 2 copyrights, the artists themselves usually don’t own either. The copyrights for the song and the recording of the song are usually owned by the music publisher and the record label, so the permissions of each must be sought, in order to use a piece of music in this case. Any agreements need to be sure to cover Internet rights, which may not otherwise be granted.

You usually don’t need permission to use music that you’ve written and recorded yourself or that is “public domain” music, such as compositions written before a hundred years ago.

If you do use copyrighted music on your video on YouTube, you will be asked to either remove the video or mute the soundtrack (which also mutes your message – that’s no good); sometimes YouTube may allow the music with links to where you can buy the original soundtrack.

YouTube AudioSwap Feature

The good news is that YouTube now allows you to automatically add music to your video by selecting from its Audioswap libarary, which features clips from many musical genres. You can usually find a jingle or short music clip to fit your needs there and it is perfectly acceptable to use it for professional as well as personal videos.

Mix it Up

Unless you have developed a specific jingle as part of your branding, it’s best to use a different piece of music for each video you produce, to add variety.

Sometimes hearing the same piece of music can help people to recognise something familiar, which can be a good thing; at other times it can produce the “not that music again!” response. So if in doubt, add variety to your musical choices.

Choose the Place

Music is often most effective included in the intros and outros of your online videos. You may also want to add music to give some emphasis to the Call to Action.

Don’t overdo the music or make it detract from the main point of your video – which is the message. It should be short, sharp bursts or very low background music that doesn’t drown out the presenter’s voice at all.

Choose the Moment

Timing is always important with music. Keep the timing of adding your music spot on and play around until you get it right. It needs to fade in or fade out at just the right moment to create the emphasis or impact you need.

It will take some time to master the effective and use of music in your web video marketing program, but its impact makes it worth it. Smart use of music adds a very professional edge to your video. If you need some help then call Michael Hanson on 07 5534 9523.

*Please note that we are not lawyers. The legal guidance given here is given in the best of faith. For further information contact a qualified lawyer.