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Corporate Video Production Myths You Need To Get Over From
Compelling Video Testimonials Aren’t As Hard As You Think

Lights… Camera… Awesome!

In our experience with corporate video production, some of the more common questions that we get asked during the planning phase are mostly towards how to look good on camera. While your personal style will always be your own, there are some general guidelines which you must consider.

What Should I Wear?

Keep in mind that your video once published, will be placed on a centre stage where viewers will most likely know very little of you or none at all so they won’t necessarily understand the connection between your personality and wardrobe. Consider what first impression your clothing gives if people see you out of context. Authenticity is key; don’t dress up nor down to the point where you are not being you. In the first place, your video is being created to deliver a particular message to a select target audience – wear something that’s in line with that message but make sure that it’s something that you’ll be comfortable and confident wearing.

The Good vs The Bad

Cameras are sensitive to patterns and colours so avoid wearing anything with fine patterns as they can create weird light effects on your video. Very strong contrasts is something that we also would highly vote against (ie – dark clothing on pale skin and vice versa) as cameras struggle with that level of contrast. Deeply saturated colours tend to overpower, while light orange may glow.  Warm colors and pastels are flattering, yet always put into consideration what your background will be like as you wouldn’t want to end up drowning out with it. Find a colour that suits both your skin tone and has a nice contrast with the background.

As much as possible, pick an outfit that’s form-fitting; shapeless, baggy clothes can make you appear bigger than you really are especially with close up shots as they don’t give any context of your surroundings. Also avoid any fabric that easily wrinkles or show sweat stains – with production lighting having the tendency to make the room feel a bit more warm, you would not want to be worrying about sweating through your clothes while doing the interview.

Keep in mind that anything that show brand names, logos, or images that may be copyrighted will require permission before use.

What Should Men Wear?

We prefer collared shirts over plain t-shirts as there’s more texture and provides more visual interest to the viewers. Jackets too are great, especially when nicely tailored around the waist.

Men don’t normally wear make-up, however it would be beneficial to dab a bit of powder to even out your tone and reduce shine on your t-zone. Choosing a shade that’s darker than your normal skin colour should do the trick. Lastly, make sure to get a good, clean shave before the shoot or at least neatly trim your facial hair if it matters that much to you (or the story).

So How About Women?

In a business or corporate setting, a lot of women tend to go for power suits. While suits look very professional and polished, it tends to make you look huge on camera. Choose clothing that emphasises shape without being too tight.

The “no-make-up-look” goes best for any woman; avoid dark lipstick or cheek tint as the extra contrast from the camera may emphasise the make-up too much. Lastly, avoid too much eye make-up (having none is best!)