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Getting More Out Of Your Video Production Service Budget

If you’re a business looking to do a corporate video then you’re certainly on the right track; it’s a project you need to get started with today if you don’t want to get left behind by the tough and fast-growing competition in your market. Telling your story effectively through a well-crafted business video gives your company the opportunity to connect with your market and increase your rate of winning their business.

Working with hundreds of companies over the years has helped us define what works best for our clients in getting the most value out of their video production service. Here are some key strategies we’ve taken away through our years of experience.

  1. Full day shoots are your best bet.

  2. While it may sound more appealing to hire out a video production company on an hourly basis, you’ll always be better off doing full day shoots. There are production companies who can usually work full or half days, while some may even be willing to work just for a few hours; as a business owner, you get more efficiency towards your project by investing in a full day shoot. This gives you the ability to do more such as capturing interviews and getting more b-roll footage, which in turn will make a huge difference to the outcome of your corporate video.

  3. Don’t be a time waster.

  4. It costs both the client and the video production company to get a production day up and running which is why it is critically important to be organised when doing a shoot. At Video Labs, we make it a point to send clients a call sheet which serves as a guide on what to expect throughout the course of the production. If your video production service company doesn’t provide this for you, see to it that they do. Effective and regular communication is very important during the preproduction phase as most clients have a laundry list of things they want to shoot – the last thing you want to happen is miss capturing an important shot during the day. Having your days planned ahead also saves you from potential headaches normally caused by executives or talent running late to their scheduled shoot time — in this scenario, a call sheet can easily give the team flexibility to move on to the next shot on the list.

  5. Story First, B-Roll Second

  6. A common misconception we often come across with clients is in thinking that producing a corporate video is as simple as having the subject talking to the camera with some pretty images slapped on to it. If you’re willing to settle for a subpar quality video, then this is fine. If you want a high quality video that really stands out in the ocean of corporate marketing videos, then proper planning and strategy needs to be implemented. Always shoot your interviews first, then plan your b-roll based on the story being told by your subject.

  7. Maintain efficient and timely communication with the production team.

  8. The good thing about buying into a package is that you have systems and processes already laid out for your project to work upon. One of the more challenging things about the whole production process is in reviewing video drafts and providing detailed feedback. Organisation and discipline is key to getting the best outcome for your film. While there may be a dozen executives who need to review the video, make sure that everyone agrees on the story line, sound, and visuals before handing them over to the video production guys – that way, you avoid having to make tons of revisions over a long period of time which may even incur overtime charges and sky rocket your costs.

    By following these tips, you’ll surely find yourself producing more videos at a more budget-friendly pace. What other strategies do you use to get the most video production value from your budget? Share your comments below.