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What the New Facebook News Feed Means to Your Videos

By now, you’ve probably heard about Facebook’s revamped News Feed. During their launch event, the company said that they re-imagined the News Feed and placed emphasis on visual content. While most of the examples they featured focused more on photos, the benefits they discussed could also be applied to your video presentations. So if you are planning to do video marketing on Facebook, here is what you can expect:

A Bigger Thumbnail

Try to remember the times your friends shared a video with you on Facebook, say, a YouTube video, or a video of their vacation. Don’t you just hate how much you have to squint just to figure out the thumbnail?

You see, the thumbnail plays an important role in video. Since your video won’t play automatically on Facebook, you need to catch your potential viewer’s attention to get him to click on it and watch it. This is where the bigger thumbnails benefit you. It now dominates a huge part of the screen, which makes it more attention-grabbing. This could then increase the chances of getting more views on your video.

Spend More Time on the Spotlight

Facebook also improved its filtering function, which includes the ‘Following’ filter. Clicking on this displays the latest updates from brands and celebrities that a person follows. So what does this mean to you? This means you get more time to grab your viewer’s attention, since you are no longer buried under the massive stream of updates from their friends. What’s more is that when they click on the ‘Following’ button, this means they are ready to pay attention to you and find out what you have to share with them. Your video—in fact your overall brand—becomes more engaging that way.

Move Seamlessly from Desktop to Mobile

There was also a lot of emphasis made on “mobile consistency”. This gives users a more seamless Facebook experience whether they are checking their News Feed on their computer or their mobile device. What this means to your video marketing strategy is that you get the chance to engage your viewers with your video regardless of the device they are using. So you can still attract them with the same large thumbnails, and get them to find your updates immediately with the ‘Following’ filter.

Of course, video is just a tiny portion of your campaign. You need to make sure that you put up content consistently, because that is how your brand becomes a part of your target market’s daily habit.

The way your video is produced also matters too. As such, it would help to hire a trusted Brisbane video production company to help get the job done for you. After all, producing engaging videos isn’t just about creating sleek visuals; the content should be at the heart of every video you produce and publish. Remember, Facebook’s update is only about helping you become more prominent in the News Feed. Whether or not your viewers choose to watch your videos and share it with their friends depends on how engaging your content is.

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