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Eye-Balling Your Customers with Online Video

What’s the old saying? People buy from people? That’s possibly the key to why online video works so well as a marketing tool because it gives you and your customer an opportunity to eyeball each other.

It means the customer can see you; they know you exist; they know you are not one of these well publicized Internet scams; they know you are not asking to send your some cash to a bank account in return for a huge inheritance from a long-lost relation you never knew existed!

This is important because the perception still exists among some Australians that the Internet is just one big scam and buying something online is asking for trouble.

The best way of selling something is face to face. With online business that’s not possible so video represents the next best thing – a way for the customer to see who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer them.

If the video is well-written and well-made it will capture you at your best – which appointments don’t always do! We’ve all had those meetings from hell, when you spill the coffee before getting your words all twisted and tripping over the carpet on your way out. Online video avoids some of those problems!

It also gives you a unique opportunity to engage the viewer – your appearance, personality and information can combine to really communicate with the viewer in a way that text rarely can.

Few of us have the ability to make the words leap off the page and stick in the customer’s minds, whereas a well-scripted video made in a good location with good lighting and maybe some incidental music and skilled editing really can hit spots that text cannot reach.

Selling on the Internet is all about driving traffic to your sites and then holding the viewer’s attention long enough to be able to get your message across. You normally have about 10 or 15 seconds to grab their attention before the viewer is thinking about click away and video can achieve that much more readily than the written word or still pictures.

Being able to look your customers in the eye and tell them what you can offer is just one of many benefits with using online video marketing on your web site, YouTube and other video hosting sites to distribute your videos to a wider potential audience.

Michael and our team at Video Labs will be happy to discuss the many other benefits with you. Give him a call on 0447 610 823.