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If Content is King, Then Story is God

Drive More Sales Through Business Storytelling


As a child, storytelling was merely something I looked forward to from my mum and dad every night. In today’s era, storytelling has been a part of most successful businesses’ arsenal; It has become such an important tool for businesses, visionaries, and change makers. Being able to tell the right story in a compelling and effective manner helps drive decisions, engage attention, and inspire action. Storytelling is an effective way to generate loyal clientele and a raving league of followers.

With the fast pace of today’s world, the market is constantly flooded day in day out with product and service pitches screaming out to consumers. There is a massive lack of connection and people have just gone numb towards these methods. Storytelling allows your idea to stand out from the crowd, allowing a you to share your soul authenticity and create an emotional connection with your customers. The desire to see one’s self in someone else’s story has been engraved into human nature. People want to see a part of themselves through your pain, your struggle, and your journey. So when you tell a compelling story and bring a bit of vulnerability forward, people are able to connect much quicker.

There are numerous methods on how a business can use storytelling for their benefit. Film is a great way to tell a story – people get to see, hear, and feel emotions. Visually stunning and well planned scene shots paired with great music creates a powerful story overall. Ever wonder why blockbuster movies generate billions in revenue every year? Next time you watch a movie that you really love, try focusing more on how it makes you feel. You might just be surprised to find that somewhere in that movie, you’ve somehow found a way to connect with the story.

More and more businesses are fast tracked towards adapting to this effective marketing strategy. Those who do it right will certainly connect more with their market and drive more sales.

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