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Disconnection In A World Of Heroes

Filmmakers need to be philosophers and psychologists in order to understand human behaviour, social dynamics, and really get around knowing how we all work as humans so we can tell stories and engage with people.

Everyday, I encounter people from many walks of life – one thing I’ve noticed in general is that we’re all just living in a dream, wasting our life away. How many times do we as people use all of our 5 senses?

Most people have jobs and careers and they work away, only to find themselves most of the time wandering their thoughts away on something else. We’re not using our senses enough to be in tuned with ourselves – looking with our eyes, feeling what we do with our hands, hearing every sound that goes through our ears. In a world that craves for connection, we’re just too disconnected from our own selves. It’s almost like we have checked out or numbed out – most people don’t notice however a lot of us fall into this state more times than we think.

This morning, I was at a coffee shop and I decided to chat up the waitress. “How many times do you use your five senses?,” I asked her. The moment she realised the question, she completely froze, turned red, and her eyes became glassy. We got into a warm discussion about this human behavioural issue and I knew in an instant that she felt this true about herself.

What’s even more sad is that people are crusading around, wanting to save humanity – save the homeless, cure the sick, be the hero of the world – but the truth is, they can’t even save themselves or be with themselves for a day or an hour.

If we start being more in tuned with ourselves and start looking after ourselves more, then maybe we can inspire more people around us.