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Corporate Video Production – What Better Way To Show, Not Tell?

Corporate video production has been a breakthrough for many businesses that live by the marketing motto that it’s better to show than to tell an audience.

Showing…not telling… is the way to demonstrate that you can deliver results, based upon your professionalism and talents in your field; it is the way to demonstrate credibility and authority; it can be the way to train staff; it can also be a way to enhance internal communication of the corporate values and standards that your organisation lives by.

Video Vs. Text – Visitors are not Dummies!

Text remains valuable for SEO purposes (Google’s web crawlers basically just read text) but from a web visitor point of view, it is video all the way.

I won’t bore you with the latest statistics on how many people are watching how many hours of video each month – you can see that for yourself by taking a look at any modern office, smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

What this means, as people visit company websites, is that they are expecting video – and lots of it…and continuously. People are hungry for content and one company introduction video is not going to cut it.

Text essentially just tells visitors what you want to tell them. Web users are increasingly smart and can read through the promises and how you’re the best in your field and will deliver the world and more; they’re not dummies – people increasingly want proof of assertions and want to see that you can back up what you claim, before they will buy from you.

A focused marketing strategy using video production at its center is the way to deliver this proof – showing not telling them.

The Video Pluses

Corporate videos allow you to show your viewer that you are:

  • An authentic business with real people – you and your staff present the videos yourselves
  • Credible – testimonials from happy clients
  • A well-run, modern organisation –video can show your premises and how you deliver your products and services, as well as key members of staff
  • A provider of leading products and services – video demonstrates products much better than text or images alone eg “before and after” videos
  • Forward-thinking – the fact that you are using video, unlike many of your competitors, demonstrates this
  • Authoritative – How-to videos or FAQ videos demonstrate your knowledge in the field
  • Customer-focused – videos answering questions that customers are wondering about shows that you understand what their concerns are and how you will overcome them
  • Always open for business – your videos work for you 24-hours a day, even when your company is asleep. It’s like having a virtual top salesperson, always at his best, constantly ready to engage with clients.

These are characteristics that an online audience, increasingly using social media to communicate, finds invaluable; this can provide the proof they need to turn to you (rather than to a competitor) when they need the services you offer.

There are no ‘tricks’ or ‘shortcuts’ designed to pull the wool over customers’ eyes – just good honest methods to better reach your audience with your key messages.

Find out from Michael at Video Labs how a corporate video production strategy can help present your organisation in a better light. Email