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The Importance of Sound in Corporate Video Production
Lights… Camera… Awesome!

Corporate Video Production Myths You Need To Get Over From

Myths are a thing of childhood – of course there’s Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and more from where they all came from. When it comes to running a career or business, myths are quite another thing. In our experience of supporting various companies with our video production services, here are a number of myths that we feel needs to be debunked right now!

  • Good camera performance means there’s no need for professional lighting and sound.

  • With a number of affordable high-quality film cameras available nowadays, a lot of people tend to think that’s all they really need to start making videos. While it most certainly is true that better cameras open up more creative options, there are a few other things that need consideration such proper lighting and capturing crystal clear audio. Light and sound are great storytelling tools that help convey the right emotions to your audience.

  • You can fix everything in post production.

  • While it’s true that there are some things best resolved in front of the computer than in front of the camera, there is a difference between planning a shot to be enhanced and dismissing a shot to be fixed in post. Post production is a time-consuming process which is why proper preparation for production is very crucial. Knowing the story inside and out before getting the cameras to roll helps massively as we cannot fix broken stories in post.

  • Not everyone has a good story to tell.

  • Nothing is so warm and inviting, yet so challenging, as a powerful story told well. Stories change people; they influence decisions which is why they are well-known to have played such a big role in shaping entire cultures and civilizations. Time and again we would come across entrepreneurs or marketing managers who find themselves connected more with push marketing tactics rather than their own true purpose. With the kind of pressure companies get due to the overwhelming amount of competition out there, it’s understandable how easy it could be to get lost in your own message. Your next great story can be found from a number of places – they could be within you or around you.