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Drive More Sales Through Business Storytelling
Disconnection In A World Of Heroes

If Content is King, Then Story is God

Content… content… content…

Today, more and more marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs are getting on the bandwagon of content creation. They seem to think that overloading their market with information will get them tons of traffic – It’s become the new SEO strategy.

The popularity growth and demand with How To Videos are at a fast pace. People are constantly seeking to be the next great guru who can teach their market. They want to be a celebrity but often turns out screaming nothing more than a “Look at me, look at me Campaign”. It has become a big, fat place where everyone is doing nothing more than just regurgitating everyone else’s stuff and no one really gets to tell anything unique and out of the box.

When it comes to Storytelling, content gets really difficult to copy – It becomes your imprint in the world. What it does is it allows you to tell something special, something that cannot be duplicated by anyone else because it has to come from your experience.

A well-told story is the purest form of content. Story is something that you live and breathe – It is something that people can feel and connect to.