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Compelling Video Testimonials Aren’t As Hard As You Think

Combining video and testimonials is a dynamite way of getting engagement and conversions; however, having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, we have come together with the 3 most common myths companies have about them:

1) video testimonials are too much work

2) fear of lack of cooperation and willingness from the subject/s; and

3) that written testimonials are just as effective as ones captured on video.

These misconceptions have made serious implications on many companies and thereby need to be urgently addressed. According to a number of statistics:

  • In 2014, the use of video content in B2B marketing increased by 8% (to 58%); the use of infographics increased 9% (to 52%) in digital marketing plans. (Source: demandgenreport)
  • Facebook reports the amount of video posted by users (both individuals and brands) has increased by 3.6 times in the period from Jan. 2013 to Nov. 2014. (Source: Facebook)

Over the past few years, visual content has rapidly become a key factor in generating audience involvement and engagement with brands. Take a quick look at companies such as Apple, Nike, and Google… a quick glance at their marketing campaigns would show us the power and influence of content that not only targets the mind, but also the hearts of viewers.

A video case study is an extremely powerful marketing tool for any business in any niche. Successful case studies are ones that have the ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level, while offering a tangible solution for a problem they have. As we always say – “speak from the heart, not from the mind” – this is the ultimate recipe for having truthful, meaningful, and remarkable testimonials.

Raving Customers Attract More Customers

Given the high-pressure environment businesses are exposed to when it comes to marketing, what you often fail to remember is that the majority of your audience comprises of those who know little to nothing about what you do or offer, which is why a story-centred video testimonial is crucial as it targets and activates all the key senses that are hard-wired into the decision-making part of our brains, breaking through all the regurgitated noise that is out in the market nowadays.

Video testimonials are dynamic extensions of word of mouth marketing. Instead of waiting for conversations to start happening, you need to take charge of actively seeking, collecting, and documentising case studies or testimonials. The key is to build an emotional story that connects the viewers’ pain to that of your subjects’, in which case your potential new client is given the opportunity to see new light as to how your product or service can help them as it did others.

Why Should a Video Testimonial Be Story-Centred?

Any video put together using a story-based framework, regardless of the subject matter or purpose, comes out with one and the same result: one that resonates deeply with your target audience and is easy to remember and share.

A well-crafted story is one that is able to follow a subject through their why, into their conflict and struggles, and is able to vividly narrate their journey towards resolution. The customer is portrayed as the hero and your product, service, or brand simply a guide or support through their journey. Making your story more about the customer rather than you almost instantly generates trust in your viewers’ minds.

Below is an example of a video case study which we put together for Absolute Domestics, Australia’s largest domestic cleaning agency.