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Why I Buy From Philip Bloom

I just bought Philip Bloom’s new pocket dolly system for my Brisbane video production business and it got me wondering why I felt so comfortable buying that product.

As I thought about it, it struck me that Philip Bloom’s model was the very one that we use to teach our clients how to go about running their own businesses. Let me explain a bit.

The Philip Bloom Model

Philip Bloom is a British film-maker, who has worked for the BBC and Sky… but that’s not why I bought from him.

Technically and artistically his movies ooze class and really engage the audience … but that’s not why I bought from him either.

He has 14,000 followers on Twitter … but that’s not why I bought from him.

The thing that separates Philip Bloom from the others is how he’s used his status as one of the best DSLR film-makers out there to share the knowledge, gather followers and to become an authority and trusted expert in his field.

He has become a real trusted mentor for me; I visit his website often; I learn from him; he consistently ships content that is useful, informative, entertaining and demonstrates that he is master of his art. He spends a lot of time doing it and provides it for free.

Whether it’s tips on using cameras, lighting, other equipment or more general movie-making advice, his content consistently hits the sweet spot.

This is the exact model that we present to our clients; we advise them to use online video to demonstrate their credibility (testimonials), demonstrate their know-how and expertise (how-to and FAQ videos, for example) and to upload video to their blog, website and YouTube channel to show their audience that they are an authority in their field.

Philip Bloom has done this consistently since I started following him and the guidance and tips he has provided have helped me to improve my film-making.

That’s why I bought from him.

Shipping Content

Now, has the penny dropped for your business yet?

It’s all about trusting an authority.

Your clients are no different from me – they want to buy from a business that has demonstrated over time that it is a trusted resource in the industry (whatever industry you are in) and that they deliver what they say they will deliver.

You do that by constantly shipping informative content that tells your audience what they want to know.

That’s when they buy from you.

Find out what Seth Godin, one of the world’s best Internet marketers, says about shipping content here:

The Philip Bloom Signature Series Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly

The Philip Bloom Signature Series pocket dolly was designed by Kessler Crane in consultation with Philip Bloom and specifically for the needs of video-makers who do the same sort of work as he does.

It is a top quality, hand-made slider, available in 2-foot and 3-foot lengths, suitable for DSLRs and larger cameras and it comes in its own travel bag for extra portability.

It is able to be used with or without a tripod; without a tripod, detachable and adjustable feet can be screwed on and it can even be used on ground that is not level.

A flat-head tripod also fixes on to the top and this is ideal for simple camera moves.

The functionality is great. It has adjustable speed and resistance for really slow pans, for example, and everything about it is geared towards smooth and natural shots. It is as precise and silent as dollies come.

But that’s not the complete picture, either, if you excuse the pun. It can actually be motorised using a motor, oracle controller, battery pack and bracket.

This takes its programmable time lapse abilities up a few notches and can give you amazing effects, if required.

Ultimately, the dolly will help me provide a higher quality end product for my clients. It will allow Video Labs to add a touch of finesse to our videos and provide some really cinematic shots for our clients.

So I am not just buying something from Philip to pay him back for all his words of wisdom and film-making tips – the pocket dolly brings a lot of benefits to my video production business too, as you will see in the video at the top of this section!