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Why Building Rapport With Your Video Producer Gets Better Results

If you’re looking at corporate video production for your organisation and have a check list of important factors to consider, building a rapport with your video producer may not be on it. He’s just the man behind the camera right?

Well, no. Not exactly.

He is the man behind the camera but before he even sets up a tripod there is a whole getting-to-know-you process to go through with you and your organisation, so that he’s not just churning out any old video; he’s making a top-notch production that says exactly what you want it to say!

Selecting the Right Producer

We can’t over-stress how important it is for you to find the right corporate video production company to handle the making of your video.

This choice will affect everything that follows. We have written other posts specifically on how to choose the producer you need, so we won’t go over that same ground here; suffice to say that you need to ask the right questions to know that the company you hire will do the necessary groundwork and planning of your videos before switching the camera on, and will also professionally edit and help you distribute your videos after the camera is off.


The pre-production process involves the producer sitting down with the key stakeholders in your organisation, who will be affected by the videos you make.

Their opinions, insights and ideas need to count towards the video; he may have to visit multiple sites if your organisation is spread around the country; he needs to know the purposes of your videos and exactly who your audience is and will need to experience the essential culture of your organisation so that it shines through in the videos he makes.

Based upon these experiences the video script will be outlined for your approval – and that will be the first step to getting your video actually made.

This is where the rapport is built; if you respect each other as professionals and enjoy making the videos together, this will ooze out of the videos and it will help to engage the audience.

You’d better believe that if you don’t engage your audience then they will stop watching, because there are more choices than ever for spending their time online. The next video is just a click away and you have to deal with their low attention spans.

Constant Contact through the Video-making Process

You should be able to see by now how rapport with your video producer does count for a lot; this time spent together before rolling the camera is just as important as the actual filming because this is where ideas are created and consensus for the way ahead agreed upon.

You will be in constant contact throughout the process –after scriptwriting, approvals need to be given for shoots and various stages of the editing.

The video producer you talk to may not do all those tasks themselves but they will manage the whole process for you and it’s important to stay in contact all the way to the finished version of your video. You will know each other pretty well by the end of the process!

To start the ball rolling with your corporate video production speak to Michael Hanson at Video Labs on 0447 610 82.