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Putting the Youth at the Forefront of Your Marketing Strategy

The youth of today are not like the youth of past generations. The relationships that we have with different age groups are getting more complicated as […]

4 Common Video Thumbnail Mistakes Video Marketers Make

With the high demand for online videos these days, many marketers tend to think that having made a video and putting it up online means that […]

How To Market Your Business Like a Pop Star

A- listers are the source of many people’s envy. With their talent, genetics and luck, people think that the road to the elusive Hollywood fame is […]

Community, Not Content Is King!

One of the biggest questions online community managers and marketers face nowadays is: “How do I build an audience?”; although, the more pressing question that needs […]

Marketing and Monomyth: Putting Your Brand in the Hero’s Journey

We all know how viral heartfelt stories can be. It’s a formula that works for any brand! In one of our previous posts we wrote about […]

7 Factors That Affect The Price of Corporate Video Production

Embarking on something new has always been proven to be challenging. Making the decision to start creating video content is no different as it’s new to […]

Weird Marketing: Why it Pays to be Eccentric

In a world full of regular Joes, it pays to be a little weird. Just take a look at some of the most celebrated people in […]

4 Easy Steps To Effectively Measure Your Video Campaign’s ROI

Any business running an online video marketing campaign needs ways to measure their success. Effective video marketing campaigns should always have a way to document, track, […]

Harmful Marketing Strategies Your Brand Should Avoid

It’s easy to get excited over what appears to be a good idea at the time. With an endless string of marketers all competing to get […]

YouTube Success: A Marketer’s Ultimate Dream

The internet is a wonderful place for creatives. It’s the perfect ground for unveiling your craft and testing them out. It has also allowed programmers to […]
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