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Unless you spend some time learning how to craft a great marketing script for your web video, you may end up wasting all that money you spent on your flashy new camera, tripod, microphone and lighting.

All the best equipment, presentation and great editing matter little, if your message isn’t hitting all the spots you need it to.

We are not just talking about great online video but great online video marketing – that means concentrating on getting your message to sell, so we’ve collated seven tips to give your message the best impact as you compose your script.

  1. Short and Sweet (1)

Unless you are making a particular how-to video that needs to be longer than a few minutes, there’s very few reasons to make any video over 3 minutes. A good, manageable length is usually 60-90 seconds and this allows you to hook your viewer into watching and deliver a succinct and clear message, without boring the pants off them!

Don’t forget the viewer will see the length of the video displayed before they click “Play”. I don’t have figures or statistics for this, but they are FAR more inclined to hit “play” on a 90-second video than a 5-minute video.

  1. Short and Sweet (2)

The short and sweet rule also applies to the vocabulary and sentences in your script. You’re not delivering a speech to University graduates; you don’t need to show off your vocab or how you can construct long and intricate sentences. Concentrate on keeping your sentences clear, understandable and to the point.

  1. Drop the Formality

You will be amazed how different sentences sound when you say them out loud to when you read them. Text that you write, and which is intended to be read, automatically takes on a formal tone, but when you’re making a video you need to try and drop that tone so it doesn’t sound too “wooden” or fake.

The exact tone you use will depend on your intended audience but most business web videos will want something primarily that engages the viewer and this may be best achieved with a personal, light-hearted, informal tone.

  1. Audition Yourself with a Friend or Colleague

A good idea is to “audition” yourself with a friend or partner. That means reading the script out to them and asking for feedback before you record the final version.

It’s important for you to be comfortable saying what’s on the page; this may take some time to get right, but it’s essential to delivering an authentic and genuine message in your video.

  1. Create a Hook

It’s better to start your video with a hook rather than “Hi, I’m John Smith”. The first 5-10 seconds decide whether your viewer keeps watching so you want to develop a hook that addresses their key concerns or problems. This may be a statement or a question that identifies a problem for which you are the solution – the core of your web video marketing message. Doing this successfully will keep you in the viewer’s mind, which is what you’re aiming for.

  1. Create a Story

Think of your video like a story. Introduce the characters in the hook – that’s the problem and the solution (you.) Develop the characters and tell a story in the middle section, perhaps walking them through the consequences of not addressing the problem, then letting them know how the hero (you) can come along and save the day so that everyone lives happily ever after! This gets them into the mood for action, which is the last part of your video.

  1. Call Them to Action

Your viewer has seen how you are the answer to their problems; now, don’t leave them hanging; tell them what they are to do next – this may be going to a URL, picking up the phone or sending an email; it’s up to you, but make sure they are clear on how to act. This way you keep your viewer engaged and the sales process gets moved along a step.

Practicing your scriptwriting skills will increase the impact of your web video marketing no end. If you need help along the way then contact for some guidance.