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7 Reasons Why Web Video Is Edging TV Out Of The Picture

Earlier in the week we posted about the trends in web video marketing and how advertisers were following their audience over to online video and away from TV, as online video matures.

Here we look at some of the clear benefits of watching web video on the likes of YouTube over watching TV. The reasons are important to Australians and to their businesses, which need to start seeing what they are missing out on, if they do not presently have an online video marketing strategy in place.

In short, all businesses need to be aware of their customers’ trends and it’s a good bet that their audiences are switching off the TV and logging in to YouTube. Here’s why:

  1. It’s Mobile!

With the increasing uptake of Internet-ready handsets, tablets and notebooks, it’s not now necessary to be at home to watch video. Searching and watching for video online can now be done in the café, at the bus-stop or in the doctor’s waiting room!

  1. It’s Free!

Of course, a major benefit for individuals and businesses alike is that web video is free to upload and free to access; TV advertising is expensive and it can be difficult to target the right audience.

  1. It’s Always On and On-Demand

Online video gives viewers 24 hour choice and the ability to watch programs and content in their own time-frame. People can watch their favourite TV programs when they choose to watch them and catch up on any they missed. Perhaps this is the single biggest reason why online video is out-gunning TV.

  1. Anyone Can Do It

If you have the ability to record a video you have the ability to be a video star; this captures the imagination of youngsters especially who are raised in a “celebrity counts” culture and are looking for a piece of the action. It’s more likely to happen online than on TV.

  1. Less Censorship

People don’t like being told what they can and what they can’t watch – there are fewer restrictions on channels like YouTube than on TV.

  1. PlayLists and Suggested Content

Many online video viewers like the fact that the YouTube playlist will suggest similar content to videos already viewed, so it will expand your understanding of a subject or the entertainment value.

  1. Ads Have Less of a “Nuisance” Value

With TV advertising, it is often perceived as a nuisance. People often use the ad time to go to the toilet or make a drink – they know it will be a 5 or 10 minute break; with web video one ad is often placed at the beginning of something they want to watch and people will not usually object to 30 seconds or so of ads before watching their video.

Hopefully this has introduced you to some of the reasons why television is slowly being nudged out of the picture by online video marketing. If you need any help with implementing a strategy for your business online video contact Michael at Video Labs on 07 5534 9523.