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Online Video is Going Social…Are You?
7 Tips to Create a Great Marketing Script for your Web Video

6 Social Changes to Web Video Marketing

In our post earlier this week we concentrated on how your web video marketing strategy should take into account the impact of social media. Here we stay on the social video theme and look at 6 specific ways the nature of online video is changing, because of social media.

The Importance of Video Shares

Previously, success of an online marketing campaign was measured by Clicks. Increasingly the success of online video marketing campaigns is measured by the number of shares on social media sites. This could be in the form of Facebook shares, re-Tweets, emails or blog posts, but every time your video is shared it is an endorsement for it; it is free advertising for you and your business. Shares are how videos go “viral” – not that you can really aim for that, but you can aim to make something that gets shared for its informative or entertaining qualities.

People Want Content Not Advertising

One thing that social media users generally shun is blatant advertising – unless there is some other value to it, like comedy value, interesting info or something surprising or startling – it won’t be shared just so you can push your brand. It’s all about making the content attention-grabbing and compelling so that you keep the viewer tuned in –they’re more likely to share something they’ve enjoyed or found informative with their contacts. Keep it fresh and original!

Keep it Real!

Stand-in actors reading scripts to a camera…yes, I guess it works in you’re David Beckham endorsing a product – but people can see through fakes and you can’t afford Becks anyway! If you’re making online videos for your business, try to get used to treating the video camera as your friend, so that you can present videos yourself. Be casual and natural if they are for social media sites. This keeps it real and authentic, helps to present your business for what it really is and shows the viewer that they can trust you.

Don’t Think You’ve Cracked It and Stop Creating!

This is just a warning that things change very quickly in social media. It’s not long ago that Google had 50 employees, YouTube was just a place for teenagers to watch skateboarding videos and Facebook had less than a million users around the world. Always keep an eye out for the new things that come along and prepare to take the changes on (skate) board…staying “with it” will serve you well with your online video marketing. If you think you’ve “cracked it” and stick to a formula, things can quickly overtake you.

Know Where Your Customer Is

The place to start with successful video is to know where you will be “meeting” your customer. That may be on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter; it may be by video email; but it could also be on a DVD player – it may work better for you to create a DVD and send the videos out. Knowing this information means you can tailor your video to the feel and style required, so you can pitch it correctly.

Follow Up!

With social video comes social commenting. Your videos will create a reaction, so – just as we pointed out in the post earlier this week – following up is a critical component of your web video marketing. This helps to manage your reputation, nip problems in the bud, show your followers and customers that you are listening to their opinions and enables you to gather information about what your customers want.

There you have it – essential components to include in your web video marketing plan. Michael Hanson can help you put your plan in place, so, if you’re looking for high quality videos to put out there contact him at