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6 Interview Tips For Creating Video Content

So you found yourself a great story to tell for your client’s next video content. You’ve locked in the project, set the dates for filming, and have all the cast and crew ready. Even as a veteran video producer or filmmaker, it’s not uncommon to still get a case of nerves every now and then especially when the project requires for you to interview your subject. Here are some tips for nailing your next video interview:


Plan and prepare your questions.

Make sure to prepare the questions for your subject well before the shoot day. It’s challenging enough getting them to feel at ease in order to get them to open up and be authentic – the last thing you need to bring on set is having them feel that you haven’t done your homework. Needless to say, don’t read your questions off from a notepad – instead, sequence your questions in a synchronised order to make them easy for you to remember. Make the conversation as natural and comfortable as possible for your subject to get the best out of the interview.


Don’t rush into starting the interview right away.

Spend a little time with the subject to get them at ease with you. Think of your subject like a puppy: If you approach the puppy hastily, it will surely run away – let them get comfortable with your presence first before anything else.


Show genuine curiosity.

Think less about what the audience needs to know and more about what you want to know.


Watch and listen to your subject carefully.

Most of communication is body language; so watch and listen carefully not just to what they’re saying but also to how they’re saying it – if executed properly, you should be able to take the interview to unchartered lands, bring forth more impact to your story.


If conducting multiple interviews, do them separately.

Always separate your subject from their entourage for an interview. The interviews always go much deeper when you speak to each subject individually as opposed to having other people in the room.


Don’t stop the cameras immediately after the interview is over.

The moment you give tell everyone that you’re about to wrap up, make sure to leave the cameras rolling for a bit. A lot of times, this is where the conversation will continue and since the subject no longer feels pressured, they will loosen up more and may pose as a great time to capture great quotes for your video content.