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Using How-To Videos to Turbo-Boost Your Business
Nice Online Video, Shame About the Sales Figures!

6 DIY Video Marketing Tips

There are some things you just can’t DIY – like liposuction!

But making and marketing video yourself is a good option if you have the right equipment, the time, the know-how and the commitment!

If you’ve been reading a few of the articles and posts on this site you should be aware by now how a sound video marketing strategy can drive traffic to your business web site, generate leads and increase sales.

So, if you want to try this yourself here are a few pointers:

Sorting Out the Nuts and Bolts

You’ll need a good standard video camera with tripod, a microphone, a lighting system and a quiet area of your house or office where you can set up a “studio”, maybe with curtains or a screen for a backdrop; alternatively you might like to film outside in natural light and this is sometimes a good option, depending on the mood you are trying to create.

If there are a couple of you then it’s a bit easier as someone can control the camera and prompt. Also, think about whether you will be using any props (like your products) and prepare them too.

It’s best if you can deliver the content for the video yourself but don’t discount hiring someone to do a voice over if that works better for you.

Great Content

Video can sometimes say in a minute what it would take 500 words of text to say…or it can create a waffling, rambling monologue that bores the pants off people!

Plan what you want to say and write a rough script that you can practice; reading can often come across as wooden so avoid it if you can. But you want the content to be attention-grabbing at first, relevant and informative, as brief as possible and, ultimately, engaging for your viewer.

You have 15 seconds or so with your viewer to create enough interest for them to stay with you, so make sure your content is as compelling as possible. Don’t get to lost in “you” and forget about “them”.

Don’t forget the Accompaniment!

If you want to create a professional -style video you’ll need some incidental music accompaniment – maybe as a lead-in and lead-out at least. Careful with copyright here and try to choose royalty-free music to avoid any issues down the line with YouTube or music companies. You can add it in during the editing phase.

File Formats

Save your video as a WMV file as this format will be accepted by most video-sharing sites without too many issues.

Keyword Research & Uploading

Many people miss this crucial step. If you’re going to the lengths of making a video for your business you need to make sure that people are going to find it. Just as there’s no point building a web site if nobody can find it, there’s no point making a video if nobody can view it.

Search engines love video and so optimising your video is a vital step. That means referencing some keywords in your video title, description and tags when you upload to the video-hosting channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, TubeMogul etc.

Include your web site URL somewhere in the video so that viewers know where they can find out more information about your products and services.

Go Social!

Don’t forget that once you’ve made your video it shouldn’t just sit on your web site and wait for people to come and find it. You can promote it on the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook at the very least.

Hopefully the above 6 points have helped you get an idea of what running your own video marketing campaign will entail. It is possible, if you have the time on your hands and the will to do it.

If you need a bit of help along the way then contact Michael at Video Labs for some professional assistance.