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5 Ways To Make Your Online Videos More Persuasive

Online video production is all about the message; it is probably the most powerful medium businesses have in communicating that message to a large audience so, if we can make it more persuasive, then our viewers will be more likely to perform the intended action.

Below we look at 5 ways to sharpen up your videos to make your message carry more impact.

1. Always Include a Call to Action

Online video without a call to action is like a TV serial without any drama at the end. Something is missing!

If you tell your viewers what the next step is it will prevent people feeling like they were left “hanging”. This call to action can be anything from clicking a buy button to visiting a URL – most business YouTube video is not aimed at directly selling anything but rather delivering the visitor to a web page;  if that’s the case for you , make sure the action is deliberately and clearly requested, both visually and aurally.

  1. Display Your URL in The Lower Third

After you have introduced your speaker via a caption in the “lower third” section of your video you should display your URL as a watermark throughout the video; this means that you don’t keep your viewer waiting until the end if they want to visit your website.

The point of your video is usually to persuade your viewer they need to do something – so allowing them to do it right away, while they are “hot”, is important.

  1. Look Your Viewer in the Eye

Remember that video is unique in online tools, in that it allows you to look your viewer in the eye and let them know that you are real and credible and can help them.

Make sure you don’t try to get too “arty” and do Apple-style videos unless you know what you’re doing. Your body language is important – try to keep it simple and look directly into the camera without any hand-fidgeting or shuffling around on camera.

  1. Understand Who Will Be Watching

The key aspect that will separate your online video from others is if you know who will be watching; that means researching your target market as accurately as possible; you will then know what their problems and concerns are and you can address these in your video, making it focused on the viewer rather than on how great you are!

  1. Tell Your Story

People are emotional beings; they will react to stories, so in the part of the video where you get to tell them about you and your business, it’s often a good idea to tell a story that shows your viewer that you are real and understand their problems rather than delivering a eulogy of how wonderful your business is! People respond to other authentic people and are not necessarily after perfection all the time.

Following the above guidelines will give the message in your video a better chance being well received by your viewer and will encourage them to take the desired action. This can be a real boost to your business. Further guidance with this is available though Michael Hanson of Video Labs on 07 5534 9523.