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3 Ways Online Video is Changing
Make Sure Your Web Video Doesn’t Come Back to Bite You!

5 Reasons to Keep Web Video Short and Sweet

Jonathan Harchick is NOT the man to ask if you want advice on how to keep your web video short. He’s the maker of YouTube’s longest video at 571 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds!

His video would take almost 24 complete days to watch non-stop and all it features is a slideshow of poorly-focused pictures from his holiday in Chile!

The purpose of the video? To test how much compressed video he could squeeze into the 20 Gb maximum allowance from YouTube. Not very entertaining.

He has received 36,000 hits but I think it can be assumed that most of those people didn’t make it past the first minute!

When you’re making your online videos for your small business web site or your YouTube channel there are good reasons for keeping it short and sweet and we include some of those below:

Attention Spans

Are you still reading? If not you will probably have already realised that your attention span is not what it used to be! This mirrors the trend that online video has helped to create – it’s a “click happy” world where we navigate from one video to the next; unless we are informed or entertained we have other choices available to watch and we take them.

More Topics

It’s better to have multiple short videos than a couple of longer ones because people are more likely to watch a 2 minute video than a 15-minute one; they may well check how long the video is before they click PLAY. Use this to your advantage and cover more short topics, keeping it fresh and interesting.

Different Video Types

As well as more topics, breaking your videos up into smaller chunks allows you to cover more types of video – from the introductory and promotional videos, to how-to videos, testimonial videos and FAQ videos, which answer specific questions people have. Use the variety of types available to you.

Just the Benefits!   

Keeping your videos short will prevent you from rambling on too long about how great you are! It will keep you disciplined so that you concentrate on the things that your customer wants to hear rather then what YOU want to say!

You Can Serialise!

If you have some more in-depth subject matter that viewers will find interesting and informative then you can always serialise it; break 15 minutes of video up into 5 x 3 minute videos – that way there are convenient break-points for your viewer to make a phone call or brew a cup of tea!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….what does Harchick make of his video?  “I do believe that if you watch the entire clip, it will change your life – and not in a good way!” he said.

Make sure your web video marketing changes lives in a good way by keeping your videos short and sweet!