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Eye-Balling Your Customers with Online Video
Using How-To Videos to Turbo-Boost Your Business

5 Reasons for Business to Use Video Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Yellow Pages? Expensive. Local TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine marketing? Expensive. Billboard marketing? Expensive. Print marketing? Expensive.

I think you’re getting the picture. Unlike video marketing, traditional marketing methods were often available only to those who could afford it. Maybe the average small local business could afford a few print runs of flyers and brochures, as well as an ad in the Yellow Pages and maybe in a specialist magazine or two, but they generally worked out to be expensive, short-lived and, once the campaign was over, that was it.

Video marketing offers some distinct advantages which we’ve broken down for you here:

Better Value for Money

To pick up on the opening comments to this post, video marketing gives you far more bang for your buck if done well, as for a modest initial outlay you can put in place a system that keeps on giving. Your videos can be used in multiple places (your web site, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc) for long periods of time and, even after they become less relevant, and are superseded by new videos, they can still help to drive traffic from social media sites and video hosting channels to your web site.

Holds Attention Better

What’s that…you’ve already fallen asleep reading this article? Haha… well maybe I should have made a video instead! Videos are great at grabbing and maintaining attention of viewers and a well made video, with a “teaser” followed by relevant information, will grab and hold your visitors there for far longer than the written word. That’s the name of the game – keeping your visitors hanging around on your site long enough to realise that they need what you’re offering!

Look Your Customer in the Eye!

The benefit of talking to your customers directly can show them a bit about who you are as a person and a business. In the often-shadowy world of the internet this is not to be under-estimated. Showing the customer that you are real and that you are serious about delivering what you say does more for your business marketing than any glossy brochure can do for you.

Exceeding Expectations!

People expect to see video when they visit a web site these days; many of them have been brought up with YouTube and if there’s no video they’ll simply switch off.

You may not like it this way, but it is a fact. It’s your job to wow them with a video that exceeds their expectations, making it useful for them, informative, maybe entertaining but, in any case, maintaining their attention while getting your message across.

You need attention to detail and the proper tools- if you can’t do it yourself, outsource it to the professionals. It’s probably not as expensive as you think.

Don’t Stop With Videos for your Web Site

Video marketing your business is one thing; as a communication tool it is also great and, increasingly, we will see people sending audio and video emails to each other with a link to click to reveal a video message. This is happening already and will only become more widespread. It makes misunderstandings fewer and can make the message far clearer and more impactful, as it’s more personal.

Above are some very strong reasons why businesses are increasingly turning to video marketing over traditional marketing. If you’d like to know how your business can start taking advantage of some of these benefits immediately then talk to Michael at VideoLabs at .