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3 Ways Online Video is Changing

Although online video is still in its infant stages of being in widespread use on web sites, it is already having to change in response to demands. It is a very quick-moving, quickly changing area of online marketing and we aim to keep you across the significant trends that affect your small business web video marketing.

Here are 3 trends you need to be aware of right now, when putting your videos together:

Mobile Phone Friendly Video

More and more people are using their mobile phone to access the Internet – that means that the video on your web site needs to be optimised for viewing on smartphones and other hand-held, Internet ready devices like tablets.

Latest figures suggest that 30% of online viewers now use their mobile phone, Internet-connected television or wireless tablet (“emerging technologies”) to connect to the Internet, according to a recent study by Frank N. Magid Associates and sponsored by Metacafe.

In Australia, you only need to walk down the street, take a ride on a bus or sit in a café nowadays to see this in evidence all around you.

There’s More Of It – You Need to Stand Out!

There’s more and more video being made and more and more small businesses are using it and watching it. In fact, over 57% of Internet users now watch online videos on a weekly basis, which is up from 50% from last year.

As the market place becomes more competitive it will be harder and harder for your online video to stand out. This creates the need for your video to be high impact, high quality and do more than just look good. It needs to make the most of your visitors and convert leads into sales.

That may mean outsourcing the job to professionals to make you stand out.

Attention Spans are Lowering

What was that again?!

According to the aforementioned study, of the 57% of Internet users who watch online video, 66% of those regularly watch short videos like music videos, trailers, previews, highlights, comedy sketches and clips – and they do so far more often than longer videos.

This indicates that people lean towards short, sharp bursts of video rather than Ben Hur epics!

Luckily some of the most effective online videos for small businesses can be 30-90 second snippets that address things like product overviews, how-to videos that show people how to complete a particular task or FAQ videos that answer specific, regularly-asked customer questions.

At Video Labs we can help keep you up to date with the right information to make informed decisions with your web video marketing strategy. If you need help with this, or with making your videos, drop a comment below or contact Michael Hanson on 0447 610 823.