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10 Ways To Make Your Online Video Relevant & Interesting

Online video can be a great way to grab and maintain attention – but only if you keep the content relevant and interesting. If you are trying to market your business to cats then show some video of mice, for heaven’s sake! At least a saucer of milk would go down well….

Here we run down 10 ways that you can use to keep your web video marketing working well with your viewers.

Know Who’s Watching You

If you’re new to your business it may take a while to get a feel for the types of people that are visiting your site and watching your online videos, but it’s important to know your market and know what they want. If your market is cats, don’t show them dogs as they’ll run away! Tailor-make your videos to get your viewers hooked and keep them interested.

Use Humor or Parody

Getting people laughing and keeping them entertained can be a great way to keep them on your site. Obviously there’s a time and a place and that’s probably not in the middle of a serious video answering an FAQ, but keep in mind that there’s always room for humour elsewhere in your videos.

Use Music

Music can set a mood, so choosing a good piece to suit your message is important for the overall feel of your online video. Take time to select music and ensure it’s royalty-free.

Make Them Shareable Across Multiple Platforms

One of the easiest ways to lose a portion of your audience is to neglect to make your videos watchable on social media platforms and mobile hand-held devices like smartphones. It’s not just Australian kids that use these devices to watch video – people over 40 make up half of all smartphone users!

Keep Your Video Short and Snappy

Your video doesn’t have to compete with the Lord of the Rings trilogy! Keep it short and snappy and break potentially long videos up into a series of videos. People’s short attention spans react better to bite-size chunks rather than epics.

Consider the Script

Many videos suffer from a poor script or no script at all. Even President Obama doesn’t speak off the cuff! Put time into creating a script that says everything you need to say in as few words as possible, so you don’t lose your viewer by waffling! You can work your keywords in too, that way.

Mix It Up

Use a variety of online video types on your sites. There’s plenty of different types of web video – you can respond to FAQs, make tutorial videos that show people how to do a particular task, a promotional video about a product, an introductory video about your company and your staff and personal videos that can be uploaded to social media sites too.

Create a Video They’ll Want to Click “Play” On

Make sure when visitors hit your page the video looks like it’s something they’ll want to click the “Play” button on. Web visitors always respond to visual stimuli.

Include a Call to Action

Internet videos are great for promoting and marketing but generally it’s not advisable to be too full-on with blatant advertising. Of course you can move the sale along with Call to Action at the end, but avoid the in-your-face approach, as Aussies generally don’t respond that well to it.

Think About Transparency, Personality & Authority

Transparency, personality and authority are three invaluable characteristics that you and your small business can achieve with web video. These are long-term attributes that you should aim towards will stand your business in good stead as you build your online reputation in your market and be known as the go-to guy in your area.

These 10 pointers should enable any small business to start hitting the right balance with its web video marketing strategy. There’s far more to learn but keeping it simple in the beginning helps and that’s something you can discuss with Michael Hanson at