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Why Video Production Makes You the Darling of Google
Brisbane Video Production News – Watch Out! Google is About to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

The 10 Leading Reasons Why Your Video Production Strategy Will Fail

Online video production isn’t getting me the results I expected!

I’m only getting 10 views per month and that’s never going to get me anywhere!

They start watching but never finish the video ~ people are so impatient these days!

If you’re a business owner who has recently muttered any of these lines and decided to wash your hands of online video production for good, then give yourself a second chance, once you’re in possession of all the facts.

Video isn’t the goose that lays the golden egg. You need to work it for it to work. That means being aware of all the things that will turn viewers and potential buyers away.

We’ve compiled 10 reasons why a video production strategy fails for any business:

  1. You don’t know who your target audience is ~ making general videos don’t work. Target your videos to talk the language of your main prospects or you will end up talking gobbledygook to everyone!;
  2. No Call to Action ~ always include a next step for your viewer; whether it is to sign up for something, watch the next video, or stick their heads in a tub of butter;
  3. You are trying too hard to sell ~ people don’t watch video to be sold life insurance; social media has changed the game in that everybody makes videos, so companies are competing against entertaining home videos for a slice of the attention.
  4. They don’t believe you’re genuine ~ people know about scams and unless you convince them that you’re genuine, credible and not selling a large Nigerian inheritance then you have no chance of success. Not reading from a tele-prompter will help with that.
  5. Poor sound and music selection ~ many business owners think video is purely visual. Sound and music actually conveys your message and if it is poor quality or inaudible, you are merely competing against Charlie Chaplin videos.
  6. It’s all about you ~ viewers don’t really care what your mission is; they want to know what’s in it for them and why they should waste 90 seconds of their life listening to you.
  7. It’s too long ~ if viewers click away, you haven’t grabbed their attention and/or your video goes on for too long. 60 to 120 seconds should be enough.
  8. You tried to go viral ~ keep your video focused and targeted to your audience. Going viral is not a decision you can make – the market decides that. Not everyone can be Old Spice man!
  9. Poor lighting ~ if you look like Dracula in your videos it’s because you haven’t got the lighting right. This is very important unless you are selling in Transylvania.
  10. It’s not made visible ~ upload your videos to as many places as possible – at the very least your website, YouTube, Vimeo and a few of the other free hosting sites. This can help with traffic and viewing numbers.

There are plenty of other mistakes that businesses are making with their video production strategies, but being across these ten main ones will set you in motion for more success than you have experienced to date. So maybe it’s time to give video a second chance?

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