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People don’t really buy a product, service or idea. They buy the story that is attached to it.

Why Video Labs?

The Video Production Equation

Here is an equation EVERY business owner can understand: Online Business + Quality Video = More Buyers. We know the science behind making video that looks the part AND achieves the boost in sales you are looking for. It is an equation that starts with your goals and your vision. We create the right blend from there.

“Magic Potion”

Videos we make for your business show the world your unique story; that you are the expert in your field; and that you bring proven results. We blend our knowledge of design, video and online marketing into the “magic potion” that gets your videos on-message, looking great and seen in all the right places, bringing traffic to your site and creating the type of buying environment that your customers will love.

Client Videos

Video Packages

Online Video Packages

Our 3 types of video packages are focused on different positive aspects of your business:

  • Credibility – showcase your business and story.
  • Results – where happy customers rave about you.
  • Expertise – answer commonly asked questions.

Our packages fit into most budgets. We also customise videos and can use techniques with helicopter footage and animation to get added effects for you. While all videos we make involve initial consultation and planning, these custom videos take a few extra hours in the labs for our professors!

Corporate Documentary

Humanise your business and connect with the people you serve by sharing the story behind the corporate logo.

People like to do business with people, and our corporate documentaries are the perfect vehicle to communicate the real passion, purpose, and people that drive your company.

Case Study

No one can sell your products and services better than happy past clients.

When you need to communicate the true value of your business, heart-felt stories of real-life results, spoken by real customers will give your customers confidence in your company

Talking Hearts Series

Want to become the leading authority in your industry?

The Talking Hearts series is your own online TV series. This package of short videos is the perfect platform to deliver fresh, consistent content to your target audience and boost traffic to your website through YouTube, SEO, and Social Media

Who is it for?

  • CEOs and MDs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small / Medium Businesses Owners
  • Authors and Public Speakers
  • Business Coaches and Mentors

Who and What is it for?

  • Authors and Public Speakers
  • Business Coaches and Mentors
  • Small / Medium Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Products and Services

Who and What is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small / Medium Businesses
  • Authors and Speakers
  • Online Information Marketers
  • Business Coaches and Mentors
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Improving Your Site's SEO

Our Process


"Michael Hanson is a passionate storyteller & filmmaker, and will weave your entrepreneurial intention into a communication piece of high quality that will bring you in immediate sales."

- Victoria Gibson, Marveo

"Michael and his team are very efficient, always have clear lines of communication open & have provided a quality video with a story to capture the imagination of our customers and help build a relationship with them."

- Michael Spence, Frontier Tree Services

"There is something about Michael... He's got so much passion, drive, he is just one of those guys that wears his heart on his sleeve!"

- David Jenyns, Melbourne Entrepreneur

"Thanks to the awesome Michael Hanson; his care and dedication in making this short film was unwavering."

- Kate Chorley, Light Within

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